Nurturing your relationship

Nurturing Relationships

shelby castile

Summer days used to last forever...or so it seemed. These days, it seems like summer is never long enough. Weekends quickly get booked up with events with friends and family, and the demands of work are ever-present.

With so many things competing for time and attention during the summer, setting aside time to focus on relationships and spending time with one another is vital to a healthy relationship. Relationships need constant care and attention, hello!?!

Let’s face it, every relationship goes through highs and lows. They can be tough times or even just times when one or both people are just going through the motions. Wanting change? Easier said than done.

Try Something New can be a great starting point.

At a certain point in a relationship, it is easy to fall into routine. There’s nothing wrong with routine, but every now and again, it's necessary to get out of that routine and try something different.

This looks different for everyone. For some, getting out of a comfort zone could mean trying a new restaurant their partner heard about. For others, it could mean going to a foreign country where neither of them speak the native language.

Sharing these experiences with a loved one can help reignite the spark.

Time for Two & growing together.

Having kids—and sharing the bond of parenthood—can be an amazing thing! However, it’s so easy to get caught up in the daily details of running a household, dropping the kids off at school-practice-recital-games, and working {to name a few} that finding spare moments to nurture a relationship can be hard. Trust me, I get it.

That’s why scheduling time to work on the relationship is so vitally important. This can take on many forms. Sometimes it just means taking a day off and finding a sitter for the kids. For some people, it can be finding a summer camp where the kids can thrive while every night transforms into date night for Mom and Dad… Hoorray!

However the time is made, it will be time well-spent.  

In the end, growing together is a critical element of a strong relationship. It takes time and effort, but nurturing the relationship is most always, rewarding and bountiful.

Nurturing your Relationship

build better communication as a couple

Relationships are very, very challenging- but they can also be so wonderful and fulfilling. Quite possibly, the most important relationship in many of our lives is with our significant other. Unfortunately, this relationship often doesn’t get the nourishment and focus that it needs to grow and thrive. Why is this?

The business of life seems to get in the way and everything else seems more pressing.   Let’s face it- work demands, family obligations and dealing with children’s needs are all taxing. It’s easy to let life take precedence over love and not give the relationship with our partner attention. Intimacy can become challenging and growth halted as communication falls to the wayside. However, a relationship can be fostered and flourish through some simple actions.

Below, I will outline four tips to help communicate better with your loved one:

  1. Check In – Once a week, find a time and way to check in with each other, whether it’s a date night out, an evening in, or any other activity that is just the two of you. Hold each other accountable for this time together and make it a priority it to show up for it.
  2. Little Things – Simple, thoughtful gestures can make a big impact. Something as small as a sweet text message to let your partner know you’re thinking of them, or a sweet hand written note can go a long way in aiding better communication.
  3. Tune In – Keep electronics OUT of the bedroom. Date your partner NOT your phone. When you’re out for a dinner, make sure to keep phones and other electronics tucked away so that you can focus on each other and really tune in to your partner. Even when you’re at home, take time without your phones, iPads, computers and televisions to just focus on one another.
  4. Plan something – Having a big event or trip to look forward to as a couple is important. Whether it be a weekend trip or a night away, special time blocked off is a space in which to reconnect as a couple. When you’re away, your roles at home (Mom, Dad, Boss, etc.) are set aside and you become a different person. Relaxation helps let barriers down and can provide the space needed to further communication.
Communication with your partner

Remember, no relationship is perfect and all relationships take work. You’re not alone.  I hope these tips are helpful reminders. As always, if you or someone you know is looking for relationship advice or counseling, please reach out! I’m here to help.