THERAPY FOR couples 

Whether you are married, dating or contemplating divorce, the structured approach I offer in my practice can help. Relationships are very complex and my 20+ years of expertise are truly invaluable.

Maybe someone has had an affair, or you are disagreeing more than usual. Perhaps the pressures of raising children and achieving high levels of success have taken a toll on your connection. Maybe your intimacy is fleeting and you are looking to get back the spark. I promise you, there is nothing I haven't seen or heard. You are not alone and nothing is hopeless.  

By meeting with me in a safe, caring, and confidential setting, you will both learn new tools to empower the health of your relationship. During our time together, you will feel heard, listened to, and understood. I truly believe all couples need a safe space to discuss important issues, and even disagree, so that they can learn new communication skills.

In the beginning of our time working together, I will carefully identify the root causes of your discomfort. We then move through the steps of healing together, setting clear goals and working each session to reach them. 

I am dedicated to getting you back to living your best lives together. 

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