Seeking therapy to free yourself from traumatic memories is one of the bravest steps you can take on your journey to leading a fulfilling, happy life. Experiencing the effects of trauma, wether it is from single or repeated situations, can feel truly debilitating. Because of past trauma, you may be struggling with daily flashbacks, intense anxiety, lack of intimacy or avoidance behaviors.  I know it may seem overwhelming, but I have compassionately worked with trauma survivors for over 20 years, and am confident you can live a peaceful, balanced life once again.

Common sources of trauma include: emotional abuse, paternal neglect, sexual abuse, family violence, witnessing or being part of a catastrophic event, car accidents, or sudden loss of a loved one. Maybe you have experienced one of these and are left feeling underlying anger, depression, or an inability to manage your emotional responses.

You are not alone. Trauma is actually very common and very treatable.  

I use a holistic combination of therapy modalities to be sure you feel better as soon as possible. My approach is very nurturing, soothing, and empathetic. We will move at your pace, and I will never force you to share anything you are not ready to. You will be cared for and supported in a safe, comforting space using a combination of EMDR, mindfulness, and breathing exercises. 

I would love to work together to help you achieve peace, balance and freedom from your trauma.

You deserve to live life to the fullest, and I can absolutely help you get there. 

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