I provide clinical supervision to marriage & family therapists, social workers, professional counselors, and consultation for all licensed psychotherapists practicing in clinical & agency settings.  

Supervision & consultation are both necessary components of clinical practice at all stages of professional development, as there are many reasons to maintain routine and occasional consultation throughout ones career.  Ethical and legal dilemmas; personal stress & blocks; challenging cases; counter-transference and areas of specific competency are some factors to consider in order to provide the best care to your clients.

As an empathetic therapist and person by nature, I can assist with all of these issues as they arise in a supportive and insightful way.

I will be available to help sort through all the ebbs and flows of your practice & client concerns.

Please see more about my 20+ years as a psychotherapist on the About Me Page & reach out to discuss my rates for supervision & consultation services.  

You can email me directly here.