Therapy for Individuals 

There are times in our lives when we need someone to talk to. Someone who can listen carefully and guide us, with compassion, back to feeling centered, whole and happy. This is the kind of holistic therapy I offer in my practice.

Maybe you are in a time of transition, where you are faced with more questions than answers. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with life decisions and pressures. Or maybe you just need a confidential, safe, private person to share with. 

I am honored to hold the space, and help. 

During our time together you can expect to feel heard, cared for, and supported. Using a combination of techniques all rooted in empathy and mindfulness, my goal is to empower your total well being, both mind and body. We will work together to release self-limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back. You do not need to suffer alone. I am here for you, and I truly look forward to working together and bringing you back to your very best self.  

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