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Refresh + Rejuvenate for Spring

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Spring is just around the corner and Daylight Savings will be here before you know it! Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal, and a perfect time to get “out with the old and in with the new!” This year, think BIG with Spring Cleaning: it doesn’t just refer to cleaning up a home (though we’ll touch on that, too.)

Daylight Savings Time

After the short days and dark nights of winter, Spring is always a welcome respite, because it not only gives us longer days, but it reminds us that warmer summer months are just around the corner. (Personally, my favorite time of the year!)

When Daylight Savings hits this year, what are you going to do with those few precious, extra hours of daylight? This year, challenge yourself to spend that time wisely. Whether you’ve been meaning to pick up a new hobby, rekindle old friendships, or read more and Netflix less, Daylight Savings is an excellent time of year to start something new.

If you’ve been wanting to get more exercise, take time this spring to start walking around the block or going for a quick hike after work. The fresh air, new smells, and budding flowers are an excellent reminder that spring is here...and you’ll be reinvigorated with that spring energy!

Spring Cleaning

For some people “spring cleaning” is reminiscent of moving decrepit old cardboard boxes out of your garage or cleaning grime in the bathroom...not exactly appealing images! But this year, in addition to some cleaning up around the house consider a few other areas of your life that could use a good “refresh!”

Around the House

Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be seen as a chore. Believe it or not, it can be fun. Really. After you’ve cleaned up a room, take a step back and consider rearranging the furniture. If it has been a few years since you last reorganized your living room, for example, see what happens if you swap the sofa and loveseats, face the area rug in another direction, or just change a few of the pictures hanging from the walls. You’ll be amazed how quickly your rooms feel clean and fresh, with a new vibrancy and sense of life.

Spring Cleaning in Your Day-to-Day

Take advantage of the spring cleaning frenzy and think about what areas of your day-to-day life could be improved, and how you can improve them.

Perhaps there are a few relationships in your life that are a bit toxic or not very healthy. Think about how you can reduce the amount of time spent with these people and how not being around their negativity will enhance your mood and make your days even better. You don’t have to ignore them, but you can think of creative ways to slowly reduce the amount of time you’re spending with them.

Spring is also a great time to ensure you’re eating well. With gardens being planted and early blooms popping through the soil, let the rejuvenated life inspire healthy eating habits. Spring also marks the return of many farmers markets, so look for local event calendars where you live to find one near you.

Let Spring Spring!

No matter how you decide to spend those few extra hours of daylight or whatever you decide to “clean” this spring, do so with intention. The more you reflect and act on things that will improve you, the better off your whole year will be. Set goals, take small steps, and always be kind to yourself. Happy Spring everyone!


Need a reset? The time is NOW.

need a reset the best time is now

New beginnings don’t need to start or stop with New Year's’ celebrations. Don’t get me wrong, there is something powerful, almost cosmic, with the changing of the year. It is a time when anything seems possible, and you can say, “Adios!” to another year. However, New Year's happens once a year. What about the rest of the time? What happens when you need a reset? This is a question I toyed with for years until it hit me: my birthday falls close to the middle of the year...perfect! It was an amazing shift in perspective for me.

I’ve been able to use the time surrounding my birthday to contemplate my year thus far. I’ve looked inward and listened to my heart so I can hear what it is telling me. Am I on track with the person I wanted to be this year? What can I do differently? Having this conversation with myself, and being open and honest in my assessment of my progress, has been life-changing. I feel as though I am getting a second New Year’s Resolution, and I embrace the rest of the year as a challenge, but one I am equipped to meet.

So what if your birthday doesn’t happen to fall in the middle of the year? Don’t let that stop you. Find any date and make it your celebration and your time to reflect on the first half of the year. Use this day as an opportunity to explore what the rest of the year looks like for you. Who says beginnings can’t start in the middle?

With that said, I’ve come up with three easy-to-do exercises to help you get in your groove and find a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

Set a date, and stick to it. Like I said, your birthday may not fall in the middle of the year. If this is you, don’t worry. Pick a date that may have other special meaning to you. It could be the birthday of a loved one, an anniversary of a first date...something that may make you look back and smile. If you’re still coming up blank, that’s okay. Perhaps the summer solstice, which happens every year between June 20 and June 22 (but pick one!), is meaningful to you. Like New Year's, the Summer Solstice has that cosmic element that officially brings in summer and is the day of the year in which we get the most amount of daylight. What better way to enjoy that extra bit of light than by exploring the ways in which you can start fresh for the rest of the year?

Reflect, then Look Forward. What has worked for you so far this year? What would you like to change? Make a list. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. Get it all down on paper. Smile and be thankful for the Good. Reflect, and write down how the bad made you feel and any thoughts on how the Bad can be turned into Good the rest of the year. Not sure what I mean? Perhaps you lost a loved one, a job, or are just in a rut. That sadness you feel can be transformed into positive energy. Maybe volunteering more and helping others can morph your Bad into a Good. Then there is The Ugly. Maybe you’ve been less-than-admirable in some aspects of your life. Own it. Recognize it. Change it. Write down the “warts” and then set out how to fix them moving ahead. Your future self will be glad you did.

Stay Accountable. Once you have your list and have set goals for yourself for the New You, check in on yourself! Don’t let excuses get in the way of becoming a better you. If you’ve struggled with New Year’s Resolutions in the past, tell a friend or family member what you’re up to and ask them to help keep you on track and on target. Something that has always helped me in goal-setting is setting SMART Goals. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. By setting your goals in this deliberate manner, you take actionable steps to a better you.